Elders and Wives

Al & Gloria Baird

Harvest Festival 2010Al & Gloria were both born in Texas. They met, fell in love and married while still in college. After Al finished his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas, they moved to Boston for his first job and to be a part of a mainline Church of Christ church planting.

After 15 years in physics research, they decided that Al would give up his physics career and both of them would go into the fulltime ministry as a part of the dynamic Boston church. They not only helped to shepherd and lead the Boston church, but served as leaders for the Middle East and for Media/Law. After 25 years in Boston, they moved to LA in 1992, where Al served as both elder and evangelist, and Gloria as a women’s ministry leader.

God has blessed them with more than 50 years of a great marriage and three wonderful daughters, who are all disciples, three best-friend son-in-laws – who lead their families in a powerful, godly way – and nine grandchildren (seven girls and ,finally, two boys). Their three oldest granddaughters are now disciples.

Gloria has authored a book called God’s Pitcher and Other Spiritual Thoughts and co-written one entitled Love Your Husband.

Now, with Al and Gloria in their 70s, they have begun an exciting new chapter in their lives. After 22 years in Los Angeles, they recently moved to Phoenix to be with one of their daughters, Keri, and her family, as well as to work with the Phoenix church. They are also helping churches outside of the United States to start shepherding programs and raise up elders and elders’ wives, as well as continuing to work with churches in the Middle East.

Contact Al: 310-403-8127 albaird@phoenixcoc.org  Contact Gloria 310-403-7827 gloriabaird@phoenixcoc.org

Matt and Terry Neely

neely-2-2Matt was born in lower New York state and Terry in upstate New York. Matt spent 8 years in the Navy and became a disciple in 1982 while stationed in San Diego. Terry was met shortly after moving to San Diego after graduating college. They met in the singles ministry, and married in 1989. Matt and Terry served in the Ministry both in San Diego and Phoenix in the Singles, Teens and Marrieds ministries. Matt currently works as a Registered Nurse/Clinical Supervisor in health care and holds degrees in Nursing Science, Chemical Dependency Counseling, and a Masters in HealthCare Administration/Education. Terry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems. Matt was appointed an Elder in 2009. In 2013 and 2014 their family expanding as Erica married Pat Smith and Sasha married Axel Ferguson. As a family of disciples we are so grateful for all that God has done and is continuing to do.

Contact Matt:  480-734-7141 MattNeely@phoenixcoc.org


Bob and Susan Wedin

Bob and Susan WedinBob was born and raised in Minnesota, while Susan is a native of Arizona. Bob moved to Phoenix in 1978 after getting out of the Navy. They met each other in 1980 and were married in 1983. Bob graduated from ASU in 1984 with a BA in business management. He has worked for PBE Warehouse, Inc. since 1982. Susan is a part owner of a security firm and a part-time administrator for the Phoenix Church of Christ, which they have been part of since 1986. Bob was appointed as an Elder in 2004. They have two grown children, Tyler and Sabrina. Tyler is married to Tawna and they have two daughters named Christmas & Honor. Sabrina married Jim Fusco and they have two daughters, Reagan & Charlie. Bob and Susan are completely enjoying their new role in life as grandparents.

Contact Bob: 480-234-2922 bobwedin@phoenixcoc.org Contact Susan: 480-234-2822 susanwedin@phoenixcoc.org