Other Hope Events

Crisis Nursery Events

Since 1977, Crisis Nursery Inc., the Valley’s longest-serving children’s shelter, has provided a safe haven for more than 20,000 children in Greater Phoenix through child-centered and family-focused programs and services.

All of our programs support our mission: to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by strengthening families and addressing the social, psychological, and developmental needs of each child. Families can turn to us at the beginning of a crisis situation when the opportunity to create lifelong change is greatest.

We provide monthly field trips or holiday parties for Foster Children located in the Crisis Nursery.  We have showered the children with love at the Butterfly Wonderland, McCormick-Stillman Train Park, Build-A-Bear, AZ Air Time and a fun day at a water park.

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Global Youth Service Day

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9/11 Day of Service

Cookie and goodie baskets were made and distributed to 50 local fire stations throughout the valley.  The firefighters were so encouraged and grateful, they took some of our volunteers on a ride around the neighborhood on a fire truck.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

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