ICMC 2015 Report

By Bob Wedin

ICMC West Report – by Bob Wedin

With nearly 1100 college students descending on Phoenix for a holiday weekend many would expect a long list of violations would follow.

To my knowledge these are the totals:

DUI: 0
Arrests: 0
Drug Overdoses: 0
Disorderly conduct: 0
Rapes: 0
Fights: 0
Shootings: 0
Thefts: 0
Racial crimes: 0
Sexual Assaults: 0
Destruction of Property: 0
Police Altercations: 0

Total Goodwill Produced: Priceless

It was so refreshing to see this many college age students come to Phoenix to show their commitment to God. Many drove long distances to get here. Yet, Thursday night when the conference officially began you could feel the energy level rise to the occasion. That energy did not dissipate until the last attendees left the hotel Sunday afternoon.

Credit to the planners, who put this event together, and all of the volunteers from the Phoenix Church of Christ for keeping things flowing smoothly. Many took off work to help out. I was personally impressed by Bill and Penny Cullen, who spent two hours on public transportation to come to the airport to help usher arrivals. They are in their mid 70’s, but wanted to participate and serve the students.

I had the pleasure to meet some incredible young people who are already living outside their comfort level to serve God. I met a young man, Yosvan, originally from Mexico City, who is up in Oregon on his summer break helping to start a church there.

Another disciple from Flagstaff, Courtni, not only attended the conference, but then served as an usher at the airport. Others like Christian and Paul from Las Vegas, did the same thing. It was inspiring to see the desire of these young men and women to want to help. I didn’t get to hear a lot of the talks, but one that I did listen to was from Guillermo Adame, Jr. He made an impassioned plea for those in attendance to take a one-year challenge to go out and make a difference somewhere. He has been doing this in Lebanon.

It was also a pleasure to meet Maher Hinn’s son, Fadi. Maher died a few years ago in a car accident. Up to his death he had been leading and overseeing the Middle East region of our churches. Now his son is moving to California to go to school and carry on his father’s legacy.

Overall, it was an amazing time that I won’t ever forget. It will be a pleasure to witness these young men and women to one day soon, take ownership and leadership of the church that bears His name.

Love in Christ,
Bob Wedin