Gary and Gail Sciasciasciascia1


Gary & Gail met and were converted in college at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte in the mid 1980s. After graduating in 1988, Gary went into the full-time ministry. Together they have led teen, campus, single, and married ministries in Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Connecticut. The Sciascias were married in 1990 and have three children: Garrett, Brennan, and Nicole. Garrett is a graduate of Arizona State University, Brennan is a student at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and Nicole is in middle school.  Gary & Gail led the Groton/New London Church of Christ in Connecticut from 2000 until the end of 2007. They then moved to Phoenix where Gary is now the lead evangelist for the PCC and Gail is the women’s ministry leader.


To reach Gary: 480.772.3330
To reach Gail: 480.772.3331

Steve and Keri Hiddleson

Hiddleson couple photoSteve and Keri Hiddleson moved to Phoenix with their daughters in June 2005 in order to serve as full-time teen ministers for the Phoenix church. They have three daughters. They now serve as the region leaders in the West Region.  Steve has a BA in Religion from UCLA and a graduate certificate in Education.  Keri earned her BA in Sociology from Long Beach State.  They have also served as ministers in Kansas, Los Angeles, and Arkansas.
To reach Steve: 602.696.9051
To reach Keri: 602.696.9361

Floyd and Tamara Grossett

grossett familyFloyd and Tamara are the evangelist and women’s ministry leader for the Central Region. Floyd became a Christian as a single professional in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1993. Tamara was baptized while attending graduate school in Philadelphia in 1993. One year later – as single disciples – they joined the mission team planting to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On the mission field, they fell in love and were married in 1998. Later that year, they were hired as campus ministry leaders working primarily with students from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. For the past fourteen years, they have led campus, singles, teens, and family ministry in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and the Groton-New London church in Connecticut. Floyd was born in Jamaica and grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  In his spare time he can be found cycling or deejaying. Tamara was born in Syracuse, New York and spent part of her childhood in Zimbabwe.  She enjoys Zumba and yoga, and loves to read. They live in Scottsdale with their two boys, Riley and Miles.
To reach Floyd: 860.405.5595
To reach Tamara: 860.405.5598

Ryan & Melissa Jones


Ryan and Melissa Jones were both met and baptized as singles, Ryan in the Reno Church of Christ in 1999 and Melissa in the Phoenix Church of Christ in 1997.  As a single, Ryan led Singles, Campus and Teen groups for the Reno Church. Melissa sang with the Worship Team, led Singles groups and worked for a few years on staff as a Singles Women’s Ministry Intern for the Phoenix Church.  The Jones fell in love and were married in 2003.  In November 2004, they were blessed with their amazing son Kellen.

Together, Ryan and Melissa led the Singles, Campus and Teens in Reno and then helped lead the Reno Church as volunteers, with other couples in the church. In September 2009, Ryan and Melissa moved to Phoenix to be closer to family and started leading in the Teen Ministry as well as singing with the Worship Team.  Since moving to Phoenix, they have led Teens, Married Family Groups, served as shepherds over family groups in Gilbert, and as of February 1, 2017 joined the staff as our Congregational Youth and Family Ministry Leaders.

To reach Ryan: 480.560.6477
To reach Melissa: 480.560.6410


Willie & Capri Price

Willie and Capri Price moved to Phoenix to lead the Y&F ministry in 2015. They have since moved over to serve as Campus Ministry Leaders. The couple met and fell in love in 2007 while Willie was attending college in Arizona. After a few years they separated and found God, which ultimately led them back together. They both were converted in the campus ministry in 2009. Willie was converted while attending Boise State University and Capri in Arizona, at Arizona State University. The two were married in January 2011 and went into the ministry in 2012. They have two sons: Jaylin and Ashton. Jaylin was born in June 2014 and Ashton in October 2016. Willie graduated with a degree in Arts, Media, and Culture from the University of Washington while Capri is currently pursuing a degree in accounting. They have served in the full time ministry in Tacoma, Washington and now Phoenix.

To reach Willie: 909.200.9723
To reach Capri: 480.620.0509


Marielos Castro

marielos2Marielos is a recent graduate from Arizona State with a degree in Health Sciences. She become a disciple her freshman year of college while attending the University of Arizona but transferred to Arizona State her sophomore year.

In 2013 she began serving as an intern for the Phoenix Church. After graduating, Marielos was hired on to the full-time staff as the women’s campus minister.
To reach Marielos:

Al & Gloria Baird

Al & Gloria Baird
Al & Gloria were both born in Texas. They met, fell in love and married while still in college. After Al finished his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas, they moved to Boston for his first job and to be a part of a mainline Church of Christ church planting.

After 15 years in physics research, they decided that Al would give up his physics career and both of them would go into the fulltime ministry as a part of the dynamic Boston church. They not only helped to shepherd and lead the Boston church, but served as leaders for the Middle East and for Media/Law. After 25 years in Boston, they moved to LA in 1992, where Al served as both elder and evangelist, and Gloria as a women’s ministry leader.

God has blessed them with more than 50 years of a great marriage and three wonderful daughters, who are all disciples, three best-friend son-in-laws – who lead their families in a powerful, godly way – and nine grandchildren (seven girls and finally, two boys). Their three oldest granddaughters are now disciples.

Gloria has authored a book called God’s Pitcher and Other Spiritual Thoughts and co-written one entitled Love Your Husband.

Now, with Al and Gloria in their 70s, they have begun an exciting new chapter in their lives. After 22 years in Los Angeles, they recently moved to Phoenix to be with one of their daughters, Keri, and her family, as well as to work with the Phoenix church. They are also helping churches outside of the United States to start shepherding programs and raise up elders and elders’ wives, as well as continuing to work with churches in the Middle East.
To reach Al: 310.403.8127 
To reach Gloria 310.403.7827

Rusty Taylor

rusty taylor familyRusty Taylor serves as the administrator and part-time teacher for the Phoenix Church of Christ.  Rusty was baptized in the ASU Campus Ministry in 1992, and began working for the church in 1996.  He has a BS in Business Management and an MBA in Finance from ASU.  Rusty and his wife Ann met on a blind date and were married in 1997.  They have two beautiful daughters, Nikki and Lindsey.
To reach Rusty: 480.703.5711

Susan Wedin

Susan 1Susan serves as a part time administrator for the Phoenix Church of Christ. Susan began working for the church in 2011.  Bob & Susan were married in 1983 and have served as Elder and Elder’s wife since 2004. They have two grown children and four granddaughters.

To reach Susan: 480-234-2822