Phoenix Singles Have a Mountaintop Experience

By Autumn Liberty

Floyd on stage

On September 26, 2014, about 50 single men and women journeyed from the Phoenix Valley to Denver, Colorado for the “Elevate” International Singles Conference. Many were able to attend thanks to the generous help of many members of the Phoenix Church of Christ, and this generosity will not be without fruit. The conference will be a game changer in the Singles Ministries around the world and, I believe, in the Phoenix Church of Christ as well.

We joined about 2,500 singles from around the world to worship, learn about leadership, deepen our walks with God, meet new friends, and connect with old friends. We were called to “elevate” our understanding of what God can do with our lives. Men and women from our own local congregation inspired us with lessons on leadership, authentic manhood, and professional development.


Each evening there were ElevaTED talks (similar to TED talks) where single men and women shared their struggles with great vulnerability, but also shared the power of God working in their lives. Friday was a leadership workshop based on Nehemiah who with God’s help re-built a wall around Jerusalem despite many obstacles. On Saturday there were classes led by single men and women who taught valuable lessons on mentoring, walking with God, discipling, deeper Bible study, and purity. Saturday afternoon was filled with dates, as well as roundtable discussions about the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of the Singles Ministries around the world. The night ended with a jam-packed dance party!

For me, the climax of the conference was the Sunday morning worship service. We were challenged to remember that God is able to do even more than we can ask or imagine. Wade Cook from Denver reminded us that God used a man like Nehemiah to re-build the wall around Jerusalem in 52 days from rubble. Wade inspired us to dream again and commit to one thing that we will do over the next 52 days so that God can move in our lives in a radical way. What is broken in our lives that in 52 days God cannot repair? Many have already shared their goals on Facebook and have challenged others: What is your 52?


We also learned about how, as a Singles Ministry, we can use our resources of time and money to help the poor and needy around the world. Specifically, we were asked to raise $15,000 for HOPEworldwide to assist with the Ebola crisis during the weekend of the conference. At the conclusion of the conference, more than $33,000 was raised! What an inspirational sign that the Singles Ministry is willing and able to make a difference in this world.

Now that we have all returned home, there still continues to be a buzz in the Singles Ministry about the miracles our great God can do in the Phoenix Church of Christ. Our God is powerful and mighty, and there is no telling what the next 52 days will bring! I personally have been so encouraged to see so many single men and women live on the edge of their faith. Join us, as we re-commit to the sacrificial call of discipleship and dare to dream again!


All of the inspiring lessons are available to listen to and the ElevaTED talks are available for viewing at Check them out today!

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